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About the Service

Daily the risk is that all of us lose or forget personal items like bags, wallets, keys, documents, phones etc. Even if stolen personal belongings valuable to us are often dumped by thieves, rather than resold or otherwise, as they may have no commercial value to the thief. Obviously loss of keys and documents entails the hassle and expense of having them re-issued and if nothing else, the experience is certainly is very disappointing. We hope that our belongings are found eventually but even in such fortunate cases, the finder of the lost items will likely struggle to discover the owner and organise an items return.

Stuffback is a lost and found service provider protecting your goods that offers effective system of discovering and returning lost personal items.

Stuffback provides a package containing basic information of the service imprinted on it, uniquely numbered stickers and keyrings that should be attached to personal items. Keyrings and stickers bear:

- a unique ID number which allows us to recognize each Customer but at the same time keep personal data confidential to anyone who finds a lost item;

- reward information;

- contact details of the company.

A person who finds an item is given clear instruction on contacting the call-center, while a Stuffback dedicated employee coordinates the return of the lost item to the owner. After this return of lost goods, the finder receives a financial reward.

Stuffback provides Customers with the following benefits.

  • 1Considerably increases loss return probability.
  • 2Triggers a clear process of return.
  • 3Easy to use.
  • 4Keeps Customer data confidential.
  • 5Provides international coverage.
  • 6Saves your time and money associated with documents reissuing or goods repurchase.