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How it works

After purchasing STUFFBACK package Customer follows instructions outlined on the leaflet-envelope:

- Applies stickers to a wallet, passport, other personal documents, mobile phone, laptop, photo camera or to other valuable belongings;

- Attaches a keyring to home keys, car keys, garage keys, office keys, briefcase, suitcase, handbag, backpack or etc.

A unique personal ID number is assigned to a Customer and is engraved on all key rings and stickers. It provides confidentiality and empowers us to easily identify owner of a found item. Personal ID number also determines a reward amount information.

STUFFBACK DMCC accepts online payments using Visa and MasterCard in the currency of AED. When using Credit card a an online payment method Customer's personal details have to exactly match personal details on credit card used to purchase STUFFBACK package.

Along with online payment we provide cash on delivery solution across UAE. In this case we require customers to submit the following data via email or over the phone: delivery location, Customer name, contact number.

Customer activates service by filling a simple questionnaire on our website or over the phone calling a toll-free 24 hours contact-center hotline: 800-788-332-225 (UAE); +97155-200-5959 (SMS).When activating Service customer engages in contractual relations with STUFFBACK/STUFFBACK PLUS
When STUFFBACK/STUFFBACK PLUS protected item is lost Customer has to report this by filling out a request form on our website or by phone calling a toll-free 24 hours contact-center hotline: 800-788-332-225 (UAE); +97155-200-5959 (SMS).
When the lost item is found then a finder reports this to STUFFBACK via either or all: toll-free phone number, SMS number, email address. Key ring or sticker contain a reward information.
STUFFBACK employee identifies Customer by ID number and contacts with him to organize item return. According to wishes of a person reported the lost item STUFFBACK undertakes certain steps to get item returned: Coordinate lost and found parties to meet each other; Arrange an internal Courier services at our cost; Involve a 3rd party: external Couriers, post-office, etc.
As soon as lost item is returned a person who found it receives a STUFFBACK reward
If you purchased Stuffback Plus coverage then in addition to regular Stuffback service you are eligible to insurance coverage of belongings that bear sticker or keyring and are subject of Insurance terms and condition. In case of irretrievable loss, insurance pays for reimbursement of such items partially or in full amount. You can find the full description of insurance terms and conditions at
You are welcome to enquire on any related subject, activate or renew the service, report find or loss at our website or via 24/7 contact-center