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Offer Contract for «STUFFBACK» service rendering
This Contract is a formal offer of the "STUFFBACK DMCC" (the Offeror), to the unlimited range of companies and individuals (Customers) to make an agreement with Offeror on terms and conditions of this Contract and the applicable laws.
1: Terminology and Definitions

Offer — a formal proposal of the Offeror to engage into a contract with Customer.

Offer-contract (Contract) - offer accepted by a Customer. Offer-contract is considered binding from the date of payment and receipt of the “STUFFBACK” package. To use «STUFFBACK» service Customer or any other person whom Customer conveys «STUFFBACK» package to (“STUFFBACK” service User) must register and activate «STUFFBACK» service at Offeror`s official website or by telephone via contact center: 800-788-332-225 (toll-free number in UAE) or +97155-200-5959 (calling from abroad).

Customer — any individual or company who purchased «STUFFBACK» package for personal use or as a gift.

Offeror — "STUFFBACK” (STUFFBACK DMCC). Address: JLT, cluster Y, Swiss Tower, 10th floor, office 20

Service User — Customer or any other person whom Customer conveys «STUFFBACK» package to, who registers and activates «STUFFBACK» service at Offeror`s official website or by telephone via contact center.

«STUFFBACK Service — a range of services provided by Offeror under this Contract that constitutes a set of actions to return lost personal belongings.

Lost belonging — any object that bares «STUFFBACK» sticker or key chain.

«STUFFBACK» service package – booklet-envelope that contains 1 keychain and 4 stickers and is called “SOLO”.

Booklet-envelope – a folded cardboard envelope, containing key information of the «STUFFBACK» service.

Keychain – accessory baring certain information

Sticker – polytrophic product made of self-adhesive material containing data

Data – information imprinted on keychains and stickers containing identification number, reward information, contact center phone number, phone number for SMS-messages, Offeror website.

Identification number — a number consisting of variety of digits and letters that form a unique code assigned to stickers and keychains assembled in 1 package.

Finder — a person reported finding of lost belonging.

Reward – incentivizing tool to encourage finder return found belonging. Reward is a monetary or any other material incentive.

2. Subject

2.1. Offeror undertakes provision of «STUFFBACK» service package and provides «STUFFBACK» service itself to Customer or any another person whom Customer conveys «STUFFBACK» package to. Customer undertakes to pay for «STUFFBACK» service according to the terms stipulated in this agreement.

3. «STUFFBACK» service terms and conditions

3.1. Offeror passes to Customer «STUFFBACK» services package via representatives such as Agents or via postal or courier services:

3.1.1. Over Agent`s counter following Customer`s payment.

3.1.2. Customer is free to use «STUFFBACK» service himself/herself or pass it to anyone. «STUFFBACK» service must be activated at Offeror`s official website or by telephone via contact center. An individual becomes a user of the service after it is activated.

3.2. «STUFFBACK» service user activates and registers at Offeror`s website or by telephone via contact center.

3.3. At the time of activation a service user types package ID number, Type of package and personal data, thereby activating the Service.

3.4. STUFFBACK Service is provided to service user for twelve (12) calendar months from the date of its activation.

3.5. Service must be activated within a period not exceeding three (3) calendar months from the date of Service package purchase.

3.6. As soon as service activation is completed, Service User attaches Keychain (s) and / or stickers to personal belongings.

3.7. If protected item which bares keychain/sticker is lost then Service User has to notify Offeror about this via any available mean: by phone through contact center, by sms, on the website, by email or any other way, indicating service package identification number, description of the lost item and describe circumstances of loss (where, when and how was the item lost).

3.8. As soon as information regarding the location of the lost item is received Offeror communicates with the Service User and agrees with him on the method of return of the lost items selecting one of the following:

3.8.1. by arranging a personal meeting between Finder and Service User;

3.8.2. by postal delivery;

3.8.3. by delivering a found item using courier services;

3.8.4. via any other feasible and legal mean of delivery.

3.9. Upon the return of the Lost item Offeror rewards finder.

3.10. If agreed with Service User Offeror may charge Service User for lost item return expenses if return management exceeds the coverage provided by the service.

3.11. In case of refusal of the Service User to repossess returned item, Offeror reserves the right to still reward a finder.

3.12. The service is considered provided upon the return of the item to Service User or refusal of the Service User Services to repossess returned item.

3.13. The service is provided on the entire territory of the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

3.14. In case if lost item is lost beyond the borders of the United Arab Emirates, then the cost of return of such item to the United Arab Emirates is payable by Service User.

3.15. STUFFBACK DMCC does not engage in relations or provide any services to any of OFAC sanctioned countries in compliance with laws of UAE.

3.16. United Arab Emirates is STUFFBACK DMCC country of domicile.

4. Activation Order Services

4.1. Service User has to accept this Offer Contract to activate STUFFBACK service by either of the following acts:

4.1.1. By activating/registering on the website

4.1.2. By activating via 24/7 contact center.

4.2. When activating/registering Service User has to mandatory submit all the necessary data for one`s identification to enable Offeror to provide declared service. For this reason Service User submits to Offeror the following data:

4.2.1. Service Package Identification number;

4.2.2. Service User`s last name, first name, middle name (if any);

4.2.3. Service User date of birth;

4.2.4. Service User`s telephone number;

4.2.5. Country and city of residence.

4.3. The Offeror reserves the right to inquire on other (additional) Service User personal information subject to existing legislation with the sole purpose of declared Service provision.

5. Service package price and billing and payment process

5.1. Price of the “SOLO” package is AED 190.

5.2. Payment can be arranged in one of the following ways:

  • over Agent`s counter in cash;
  • card or money transfer against invoice to the Offeror`s or Agent`s accounts;
  • online card payment with Visa or MasterCard in the currency of AED. When using Credit card as an online payment method Customer`s personal details have to exactly match personal details on credit card used to purchase STUFFBACK service package.

5.3. Service Renewal is priced according to tariffs stated in Offer Contract at the time of such renewal.

5.4. Service price is subject to Offeror`s change at any time. New prices take effect from the date of publication on Offeror`s website at

5.5. If Service User keeps using service after Offer Contract expiration and during such period a protected item is lost and found, then the Offeror rewards finder at Service User expense and Offer Contract is considered renewed, what entails all required actions from Offeror`s and Service User sides including Service User payment for contract renewal. In such case the date of renewal is agreed to be the date that follows initial Offer Contract expiration date.

6. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

6.1. Service User undertakes:

6.1.1. Provide correct personal data when activating service and registering at website

6.1.2. Timely inform Offeror upon the loss of items, which bare sticker(s) or keychain(s).

6.1.3. Notify Offeror on change of personal data initially provided at the time of activation and registration of the Service package.

6.2. Service User is entitled to:

6.2.1. Receive timely, adequate and reliable information on the status of the Service provision.

6.2.3. Refuse to return the lost item.

6.2.4. Establish a higher reward payable to finder than set by Offeror, and actually bare this extra expense.

6.3. Customer is entitled to:

6.3.1. Renew Offer Contract.

6.4. Offeror undertakes:

6.4.1. Sign Offer Contract with any individual willing to do so, unless otherwise expressly provided by applicable law.

6.4.2. Provide high quality service

6.4.3. Provide 24/7 customer service via the phone or sms for Customers, Service Users, Finders and other persons relevant to the execution of this Contract.

6.5. Offeror is entitled to:

6.5.1. Engage third parties to fulfill execution of this Contract.

6.5.2. Increase Finder`s reward than declared.

6.5.3. Refuse to provide due services if Service User violates terms and conditions of this Contract.

6.5.4. Limit number of returns to the same Service User during the duration of this Contract at Offeror`s sole discretion.

6.5.5. Change terms and conditions of this Offer, including STUFFBACK service package price, type of STUFFBACK service packages and duration of STUFFBACK service.

7. Liabilities of Parties

7.1. Both Parties act according to terms and conditions of this Contract and in accordance with United Arab Emirates applicable law.

7.2. Both parties are exempted from any liability in case of force major circumstances dully acknowledged and proved by relevant UAE authorities.

7.3. Offeror shall not be liable for any possible failure to fulfill obligations, if such failure is caused by the actions of Service User, including provision of incomplete and/or inaccurate personal and/or contact information, as well as untimely update of such information.

7.4. Offeror does not guarantee return of the lost item.

7.5. Offeror shall not be liable for the safety and functionality of the property owned by Service User, which bares keychain(s) or sticker(s), including its appearance and other properties. Offeror shall not be liable for causing Service User moral loss or damage, loss of profits, loss of revenue and other indirect and commercial losses, damages and expenses of Service User and/or any other third parties.

8. Duration of the Offer Contract and renewal conditions

8.1. Offer Contract takes effect at the date of Customer payment and physical STUFFBACK package receipt by Customer. STUFFBACK service is provided for Services User for 12 (twelve) calendar months from the date of its activation, but not longer than 15 (fifteen) calendar months from the date of the Offer Contract engagement.

8.2. Offer Contract may be extended for a period of 12 (twelve) calendar months at the request of Customer subject to the payment of the next service year of the Contract in accordance with current tariffs.

8.3. 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the expiration of the Contract, Offeror may contact the customer with proposal to extend the Offer Contract for the next term, indicating existing tariffs. If Customer refuses to extend the contract for a new term, then Offer Contract shall automatically be deemed terminated as of the date of its expiration.

8.4. Contract shall be renewed for a new term of 12 (twelve) calendar months in case Customer pays before the expiry of the Offer Contract. In case of non receipt of funds from Customer then Offer Contract shall be deemed terminated.

8.5. Offeror reserves the right for unplanned service time-outs for troubleshooting of any technical, technological or other reasons that might disrupt or/and temporarily suspend services rendering declared in this Contract.

9. STUFFBACK service package cancelation procedure

9.1. In case of STUFFBACK service package cancelation by Customer, Offeror refunds initial payment amount net of all expenses actually incurred by Offeror within 10 (ten) working days from the date of actual STUFFBACK service package return.

9.2. Actual STUFFBACK service package return is organized by Customer and at the expense of Customer.

10. Confidentiality and personal data protection.

10.1. Service User provides his personal data voluntarily and intently via one of the following means:

10.1.1. By filling in the activation/registration form at website

10.1.2. By providing personal data by phone calling to dedicated contact center.

10.2. Offeror operates Service User personal data for execution of this Contract solely. Service User submits personal data to Offeror willingly.

10.3. Services User consents to the personal data operation by Offeror in any manner according to existing legislation.

10.4. Service User agrees that Offeror is in power to transfer his personal data to third parties to organize its storage. Offeror undertakes that data storage service provider is bound with confidentiality agreement, which demands personal data protection and confidentiality. It is prohibited for third parties to use personal data of Service Users for their business or other purposes including advertising, personal data transferring to other parties, except as expressly permitted by applicable law.

10.5. Service User agrees to receive promotions and other STUFFBACK service related information via provided email address initiated and sent by Offeror.

10.6. Services User is notified that all calls via contact center can be recorded for Customer care purposes.

11. Complaints and Disputes Resolution procedure

11.1. In the event of any dispute or complaint under this Offer Contract, Parties shall make every effort to resolve such disputes or complaints by mean of negotiations.

11.2. If Parties of this Contract cannot succeed in dispute settlement through negotiations then the Party initiated such dispute address another Party with official complaint. Complaints handling procedure is binding to both Parties. Responding Party undertakes to reply on complaint within 30 (thirty) calendar days starting with date of complaint receipt.

11.3. All disputes and complaints that could not be resolved through negotiation process and Complaints handling procedure shall be referred to the relevant judicial authorities in accordance with the actual legislation of the United Arab Emirates.

12. Final provisions

12.1. This Offer Contract does not require signing on paper. The fact of STUFFBACK service package purchase is a sufficient basis for the recognition of contractual relations between Parties. Any legally acknowledged paying document substantiates the fact of payment for STUFFBACK service.

12.2. All matters not regulated by the provisions of this Offer Contract shall be governed by applicable UAE law.

12.3. This Offer Contract becomes effective upon publication on the website of the Offeror and is valid until it is canceled by the Offeror.