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Stuffback PLUS package consists of envelope cover with imprinted basic information of the service on it, stickers and keyring (s) that should be attached to personal items, insurance certificate. Stickers may be attached to wallets, documents including passport, mobile phone, laptop, camera, or any other valuable belonging. Keyrings may be attached to your house keys, car keys, garage keys, office keys, bag, suitcase or backpack.

Insurance terms and conditions (The insurance cover related to this product is underwritten by Oman Insurace Company)

Each sticker and keyring communicates the following information:

  • 1
    Unique ID number which which allows us recognize each Customer but at the same time keeps personal data confidential to anyone who finds a lost item
  • 2
    Contact-center number to report lost or found item via regular voice call or sms
  • 3
    Company website to activate the service, go through terms and conditions report a loss or find, learn lots of related educational information
  • 4
    Reward information
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